Scandinavian Wood Solutions

Floor Finishes

WOCA - Master Colour Oil

WOCA Master Colour Oil brings forward the glow or colour of the wood before
lacquering. Suitable for all wood species. It may be used on unfinished or freshly
sanded interior woodwork. This product has 'Danish Indoor Climate Label'.


WOCA - Master Vista Lacquer

WOCA Master Vista Lacquer preserves the light Nordic look, as the lacquer gives
very little colouration to the wood. This product has 'Danish Indoor Climate Label'.


WOCA - Master Base Primer

WOCA Master Base Primer is a water based wood primer that is easy to sand.
Because of it's rapid drying time, the product is an attractive base primer coat for
treatment using other aqueous WOCA floor lacquers.


WOCA - Master TS-2K Lacquer

WOCA Master TS-2K Lacquer is specially developed for corridors, sports areas
and multi-purpose halls exposed to high wear.


WOCA - Intensive Wood Cleaner

WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner is strictly for preparing wooden floors for further
treatment. It is efficient in removing stains caused by dirt or grease whilst also
helping the wood to open up and receive further oil treatments.


WOCA - Master Cleaner

WOCA Master Cleaner is perfect for cleaning all vinyl, laminated and lacquered
surfaces. It effectivesly removes dirt and grime, as well as making the surface
stronger and more resistant to liquid spillage.


WOCA - Worktop Oil

WOCA Worktop Oil is recommended for all interior woodwork, especially worktop
and tables. WOCA Worktop Oil is tested by Eurofins for contact with food according
Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004.