Scandinavian Wood Solutions

Floor Finishes

Junckers - Prefill

Junckers PREFILL is a fast drying, water based primer to be used in combination with
water-based floor finishing products. It provides a filler-system with quick drying time to be
used in combination with water-based priming and floor-finishing products.


Junckers - Prelak

Junckers PRELAK provides a water-based solution for priming of floors with wood species
sensitive to changes in humidity. It is a fast drying, water-based primer to be used in
combination with water-based floor finishing products.


Junckers - ProFinish

Junckers PROFINISH is a water-based low odour lacquer for easy and convenient use in
residential/domestic areas. It is used on both previously finished as well as on new or sanded
old floors. It is also suitable for lacquering all kinds of indoor woodwork.


Junckers - HP Commercial

Junckers HIGH PERFORMANCE COMMERCIAL is a low odour, hard wearing water-based
polyurethane lacquer for prefinished or untreated, newly installed or machine sanded wooden
floors in commercial areas. It should be mixed with Junckers High Performance Commercial
Hardener before use.


Junckers - HP Friction +

Junckers HIGH PERFORMANCE FRICTION+ has a textured surface and is very suitable for
fitness/aerobic centres, bars, restaurants etc., where sweat, beer spillage etc. can make the floor
temporarily slippery, until it is cleaned after use. The product is tested to BS5796-2 and has a
low potential for slip under wet conditions.


Junckers - Rustic Oil Colour (F2.3)

Junckers RUSTIC OIL COLOUR is an oil product for staining of untreated table tops, and
wooden floors.


Junckers - Sylva Cleaner

Junckers SYLVA CLEANER is a universal cleaner for lacquered or oiled wooden floors.
It is ideal for daily or regular cleaning.