Scandinavian Wood Solutions

Exterior Wood Care

Gori 22 - Multipurpose Wood Preservative

For new, non-durable timber that has not been preservative pre-treated we
recommend the application of a wood preserver (preferably colourless) before
application of a woodstain or other finishes.


Gori 44 - Wood Primer for Facades, Fascias, Pergolas

General purpose woodstain suitable as a 2-3 coats application for planed, rough
sawn timber and decking. It is also suitable as a base coat for timber joinery to be
subsequently finished with two coats of GORI 88.


Gori 88 - Windows and Doors Wood Protection

Durable finishing coat for windows, doors and other exterior joinery and for
optimum performance should be used in conjunction with a base coat of GORI 44.