Scandinavian Wood Solutions

Hus and Farve

The brand began many years ago with its Danish and Malaysian partners providing excellent, strong, quality Scandinavian wood finishings throughout Asia.

Today, the brand has increased in stature and has brought together all of its past 20 years experience, expertise and knowledge to bring you an all inclusive, one stop, high quality store for all your Wood Solution Requirements.

Why Scandinavian?

Scandinavian workmanship above all is one of strength, character, quality and assurance. When you buy products to ensure that your wood is of the highest possible of protection and finishing you must make sure that the brand you use is the best.

HUS - Danish for ‘House’ - A house is a home for everyone. Every home must be protected and for many of you, your home is the pride and joy of your life, your life long work to enjoy and relax. Creating a home is something special and Hus and Farve and its Scandinavian partners understand that in the depth of all our lives with our family roots and future aspirations a home is where the heart is.

FARVE - Danish for 'Colour' - Colur brings our dreams and ideas to life, without colours our lives and what we create would become exrtremely dull and non-inspiring.

It is fitting that the brand itself uses this name as it is the foundation of all our ideas to assist, educate, inspire and ensure that you bring life, colour and inspiration to your workmanship in whatever application you choose.

Who are 'you'?

You are our inspiration. It is you who will be using our brand to create your visions, inspirations and bringing your dreams to reality. You can be an expert craftsman, an industry expert creating for your clients using our quality assurance to inspire your work, your business.
Our brand allows you the flexibility to become the best in your field.
Knowledgable, confident and clear in your use and direction.

Hus and Farve gives the 'non expert' a chance and opportunity to use the highest quality products available to produce and create. One of our missions at Hus and Farve is to educate as many individuals and groups as possible about products, environments and application to ensure that your workmanship is the best.

All of our future stores will have experts on hand and will contain an education and testing facility to ensure that you are 100% confident when creating ideas and building dreams.

Hus and Farve is your Scandinavian Wood Solution Expert. Use us and our knowledge to develop your ideas and ensure every element of your work is made with the same strength, character and quality assurance that we have built our name upon.